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Priest Has Special Requests For Trial

(Toledo, OH) Gerald Robinson, a priest accused of the bizarre murder of a Toledo area nun in 1980, made requests to the court.

"I would like to wear my clerical collar, the symbol of my calling," said Robinson. "I just feel so naked without it."

Robinson also had requests with regard to the jury.

"I would like them all to have been mass servers," he said. "Also, I would like to offer Communion to the jury every morning."

Sister Margaret Ann Pahl, 71, was strangled and stabbed 32 times on April 5, 1980, in what Toledo police said appeared to be a ritualistic murder. Robinson was an initial suspect in the Easter weekend death; he was indicted on a charge of aggravated murder in May 2004.

Robinson had a few more requests for Judge Thomas Osowick.

"When you do the 'all rise' thingy, could I walk in just like I did at Mass?" he asked. "And when there is an objection, I would like to offer confession to the erring lawyer."

Robinson's defense team told Judge Osowick they need extra time for their experts and witnesses to review the evidence.

"With any luck whatsoever, maybe the creepy old bastard will keel over before the tial and save us all the trouble of convicting his twisted ass," said one of his attorneys.

A little too scary

The trial, the creepy priest, or this parody?

Out with it, knave!
The story. too close to the truth, because they are letting this guy have everything he wants.
Would you want to be the one to tell him no? Obviously they are afraid of being smited (or would that be smoted)

With the almost automatic delays it almost seems as if everybody is waiting for Robinson to do just that, saving them the trouble of doing their jobs.

Even if the trial takes place (eventually) and he is found guilty, by the time they get around to carrying out the sentence they'll be plopping Robinson's bones in ole Sparky.

They might have to soak dem bones in salt water lest they be disappointed when they throw the switch...

Smitten :-)
Smitten isn't what I was thinking of, I was think of the when they hit you with something, like knights of olden times.

So I went to trusty dictionary.com

Smote: Past tense and a past participle of smite


I understand the popular usage of smitten, but if you plug it in @ dictionary.com, you'll find that it is indeed the word you were looking for.

Check it out ;-)

If someone were to smite you with the jaw bone of an ass, you would have been smitten by someone with the...

That's what I understand anyway, YMMV.
You are right HT, I didn't look up smitten, I looked up smote. I'm also right to in how I viewed smitten, the whole heavy emotion aspect but it's also as you stated.

Sigh...soo many uses for words. No wonder some of us have such a hard time with this English language. I demand changes!


Engrish are a diffikult langage, yes?
I just looked up smote.


A nother form of smite.

As I'm always fond of saying:

Hooda Thunkit

SEE! We've been smitten by the smite of the smote.

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