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Waitress: Nazis "Lousy Tippers"

The fourth segment in continuous live coverage of Nazifest 2005

Left: Henderson speaks out

(Toledo, OH) Kayla Henderson says she tends to be "apolitical," but after serving members of a neo-Nazi reconnaissance group at a local Big Boy restaurant, she said she knows one group she would never vote for.

"Oh my God, these were just about the worst customers who have ever sat in my section," she said. "They ran my ass off for extra froth in their little lattes, and left me a $3 tip on a $60 check."

Members of the National Socialist Movement are in Toledo this week, scouting both parade routes and anti-Nazi protesters. Henderson said that the neo-Nazis gave her a lot of grief.

"One of them said I looked too Semitic, and wanted someone else to bring his food," she said. "So I sent out Anna, who is Mexican. That really pissed him off."

NSM operative Mark Martin, who needs lots of froth in his latte

Henderson said that the group mostly discussed the upcoming rally.

"They were arguing among themselves whether they should use a red background with black letters or a black background with red letters," she said. "A couple of them sounded like the guys on 'Queer Eye,' but when I would get near the table they would go all tough on me again. What a bunch of assholes."

Henderson did have one positive word for the NSM group.

"Unlike some guys, they were not grabbing my butt," she said. "However, they were really trying to hit on Manuel the busser all night. I think they thought they had it working until Manny said he was going to cut their fucking throats if they didn't knock it off. Go figure."

Wow, they sound like even worse tippers than Republicans!

If I were still a Republican, I might resent that ;-)

In my experience rich (and, I mean filthy rich) libs tended to be the stingiest tippers, but YMMV...

I knew one that picked up everybody elses tips at a function and left a check.

1. He profited by doing so (pocketed the better tips for a standard 15%).

2. He turned the check in as a business expense (for tax puropses)

Oh yeah, he also charged his daughter's wall-to-wall carpeting to the business and took the cost out of the employee's yearly bonus.

May his soul rest in peace on the biggest fire in Hell ;-)
NSM rules.

You will see Saturday.
What, exactly, are we going to see, Mr. Anonymous?

I just love these anonymous vague threats.
you will see me

kicking your skull in, if need be that is.
Youll be lucky if thats all that happens
Oh - I see. Now, when you say "you," are you referring to "me," Subcomandante Bob?

Or would that be the collective "you," as in Toledoans in general?

Subcomandante Bob will be not be found within 5 miles of Nazifest 2005. While a bit off-center (and prone to speaking about himself in the third person) Subcomandante Bob nonetheless understands the volatile nature of Saturday's activities, and would prefer to be hunkered down in his urban bunker than to be bouncing around with an angry mob.

Cowardly? Hell no. Show up at Subcomandante Bob's house, and you will get a dose of Louisville or Remington justice.

Sensible? Hell yes.
WELL...you won't be showing me anything, it's Sweetest Day and I have plans that will be alot more fun than watching you guys march behind wire fences.

I'll be fishing a mile offshore of a Florida beach trolling for M-M-Mahi M-M-Mahi.

Bob, I hope you'll have an unmanned drone flying about for video of this debacle to watch after I get back, thanks!
Leaders of Neo Nazi National Vanguard:

Kevin and Elisha Strom
541 Reva Lane
Stanardsville, VA 22973
Kevin and Elisha Strom are not NSM so don't know why you are listing their info.


National Socialist Movement


There, now both sides are covered.

If you hurry...the NSM is offering a limited number of lifetime memberships for the bargain price of $600.00 (800.00 gets you an International Lifetime Membership)

Only the first 50 can get them though...clock is ticking.....
don't forget your NAZI radio



I think it would be better to be Red than dead.

At least you are still living, and able to plot resistance.
agreed bob...
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