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White And NSM Prepare For Toledo Rally

The eighth segment in continuous live coverage of Nazifest 2005

(Toledo, OH) Bill White and his National Socialist Movement were in furious preparation for the group's Toledo performance on Saturday.

"OK people, from the top: it's step, kick, step, KICK! Oh my God, you drag queens have no talent," he cried. "We are SO going to look like a bunch of amateur repertory skanks!"

The lithe young musical director frantically paced the floor, hoping his NSM troupe would be able to pull off "Springtime For Hitler" in this Midwestern town.

"I swear there is not an ounce of talent in that cute little ass, Hans," said White. "You are SO going to get it tonight, handsome!"

White said that the last-minute details were beginning to wear on him.

"I am, like, so TOTALLY exhausted," he effused. "I was ready to slit my wrists last night, but that boy-toy Jason told me that it would mean a closed coffin, and I am definitely going out in a pale purple chiffon dress, so that ended that."

The chatty director remained resolute in getting his dancers up to speed.

"I am not giving up on you little bitches just yet," he said, smoothing a wrinkle out of his brown Nehru jacket. "We are going to make this little party HAPPEN!"

step kick
The NSMs pseudo "Commander" Jeff Schoep announced he is not going to attend the rally. He has a meeting to go to that's much more interesting. Not even their suppossed Fuhrer dares to come to Toledo and attend the streetfight they challenged. No wonder Commander Bill White is in charge now.

"Gay Hollywood Nazi"

That is so unfair, I heard Commander Jeff talk on the radio and he sounded genuinely disappointed that he can't be here in Toledo you bad anonymous person you.

Now shhh and watch the program. I had no idea Bill had that much talent.

"Don't be stupid
Be a smarty
Come and join
The Nazi Party!"
NSM will be as bad as National Vanguard leaking their members information to the public.
Vanguard, National Alliance, Storm whatever, and NSM...all of them seem to have the same unity issues which makes me wonder how they can plan to even be effective when they can't even manage to get along.

Then we have all of those who don't like Bill or have issues with Mark or Shaun or any of the others in the various groups. Having had a crash course in the different groups since all of this started? All I can say for certain is? Alot of them need to get over themselves if they actually believe in what they promote.

Use *67 (block your calling number) and call Bill White (scumbag the of the National Socialist Bowel Movement) on his cell phone number at (540) 798-1393. Congradulate him for being run out of town! What a fucking loser!
Antifa greetings from downunder.

Great blog dude, keep is all posted with the lastest. Congratulations all round to everyone who stuck it to the fash.

Fight dem back.

Fighting race-hate in Australia and New Zealand.
That should be "keep US all posted"

Yuck it up. Typical blacks burn their own town down for the national news. Nazis might suck, but whites are getting tired of blacks.
Congrats Toledo!

I heard from Australia that you guys really stuck it to those nazi pricks. Good stuff guys. I know the whole riot business is a bit unfortunate and all, but a loud message was made "Keep the heck away from Toledo racists!"

Proud of yas!
I heard that dem Nazi folks didn't hesitate to beat a hasty exit from town across (irony) the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. memorial bridge, as evidenced by the 15 brown skid marks down Cherry Street to and across the bridge.

Bill Whitie, you and your fellow brown shits are real pieces of work...
I omitted an "r" in my previous post; or, did I?

You be the judge.
Typical Negroids protest...by burning down their (?) neighborhoods.

I guess now they'll cry for more "affordable housing".

Here's hoping any white anti's arrested will be placed in the cell with ol' Tyrone! "Bu-but I'm on YOUR side, bro...HEY, get that big, black thing away from me, dude! OW-W! Hey man, this isn't kewl; cut that out..OW-W-W, it HURTS!! Wha-? What does 'toss your salad' mean?"

W-well...if you promise not to tell anybody...(Please God, help me!)
wow lol 50 white walk to says to the police they most protect people from gang activity... and look at those stupid retarded black mob who start to pillage their own town and fuck the city up. haha and the Mayor needed to declared a state of emergency and to call the swat dont give up nigger.

sorry for the mistake im not english
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