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Gagged Frantz Agrees To Interview

(Toledo, OH) Toledo Tales convinced WSPD personality Bob Frantz to participate in his first interview since he was removed last week as host of the morning drive time show.

TT: How are you adjusting to life after the morning show, Bob?
BF: Mmmmmph...mmmmmph...mmmph.

TT: Many local pundits have speculated that the decision to remove you as host of WSPD's Morning Show was political in nature. Your thoughts?
BF: Mmmmph....mmmmmph....mmm...ppphhhhhh!

TT: Do you have any thoughts on the new program director Brian Wilson?
BF: Mmmmmph....mgggggg....mpppphhh!

TT: Most people see your one-hour, once-weekly "Eye on Toledo" segment as a farce, and that Clear Channel just threw you this little doggie treat to keep from saying you were fired.
BF: Mmmpppphh....mggggghhhrrr....mpppphhhhh...mmm...mmm...mpphhhh!

TT: Are you using this time to find a better opportunity at another station?
BF: Mmmppphhh...mmmmggggg...mmmrrrrr..mmm!

TT: Can you confirm reports that you told Brian Wilson: "If they stuck your fucking brain in the head of a flea, it would bounce around like a BB in a boxcar?"
BF: Mmmmppph!

Mmmmmph!! Mpppphh!
Bob, come back!
Don't make me beg Bob, that would be so not pretty.

Miguel has been a crab all week, I'm not sure how much longer he can go without a Frantz fix...Have some pity it's bad enough I'm a liberal married to a conservative..

That was not the real Bob Frantz with the first post - it was an imposter!

While your post was rather humorous, Mr. Fake Bob Frantz, I would not want the real Bob Frantz to get in trouble with the powers of Clueless Channel.
Hello, this is Jackson Fordham. And I am happy that Bob Frantz is off the radio. I wish that it would have happened sooner (like a year ago) because he has besmirched Mayor Jack Ford (a man whom I do not know), a man with great integrity.

Just kidding, J'Foe sucks. I was just impersonating Jay Black. Bring back Bob.
Whether fake or real, no truer words have ever been spoken in that interview, and I agree completely.
that there's funny!
Ther is probably more truth to that "interview" than we'll ever know. Queerchannel is sticking Bob in a go-nowhere position in the hopes that he will just quit and free them from any liability involved with actually firing him. Seen it done to others enough to know thats whats going on.
Bob Frantz, in my opinion, is the only vice of reason in the Toledo media. He holds the local politicians accountable (to the public) for their bonehead decisions. Case in point, the Edison Steam Plant giveaway last spring. Bob asks the tough questions that the local politicians and the Blade don't want anyone to ask (or even think about, for that manner).
To the anonymous emailer who suggested that I am connected to Bob Frantz:

You are a blithering idiot.

I am not Bob Frantz, do not work for Bob Frantz, and in fact disagree with Bob Frantz on a fair number of issues.

If you need evidence, actually READ my blog instead of showing up 3 days ago.

Besides, I do not "owe" anyone in Toledo anything. You do not pay for this site, and I am free to write satire to my heart's content.

Nyah nyah!

I just think he got a raw deal, and that WSPD made a serious mistake in axing him from a successful show.
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