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Hunters Mistake Man For Coyote

(Van Wert, OH) A Van Wert man hunting coyotes in a field was shot to death Sunday by another hunter who confused him for one of the animals, authorities confirmed yesterday.

Trevor Ellerbrock, 27, died in Van Wert County Hospital after being shot once in the abdomen. Authorities said the resemblance between Ellerbrook and a typical coyote was "striking."

"He was out there howling at the full moon and gnawing on the thigh bone of a freshly-killed sheep," said Sheriff Stan Owens. "From 50 yards, who can blame the hunter for thinking he was bagging a coyote?"

Ellerbrook was shot by Troy Clark, also of Van Wert. Clark said that the creature "grinned" before making a lunge toward him.

"Creepiest thing I ever seen," said Clark. "I got the impression that...that THING was going to rip my throat out."

ooooo scary!
This is sick but funny that not only me friend of the couple KNOWS that HOW DUMB ASS can you be. This guy troy clark will PAY
U must be the sorriest person alive. How could one come up with such a fucking dumb ass story. HIS wife is one my of best friends and you are so stupid to make up such a thing. How can you belittle the death of a man knowing that there is a chance one of his family members or friend that might read this. I feel that there was another way u could have got your point across.
1. This is SATIRE, idiot. If you could actually read (which I have my suspicions about), you would understand that the purpose of satire is to communicate a deeper message.

In this case, it is the blithering stupidity of a hunter who could "mistake" a human being for a coyote.

2. No one is "belittling the death of" Trevor Ellerbrock. The purpose of this piece is to point out the terrible tragedy of his death at the hands of someone who probably should not have owned a gun.

Get a clue, and stop being such a whiny, politically-correct imbecile.
I would like you to know that you are a fucking moron with a sick sense of humor. if you needed to make a point, be a man and do it on a serious note. Trevor was my brother and I find no humor in your article whether it be a joke or to get your point across. If your brother died, you'd feel the same, even if he were half the man Trevor was!!
1. This may be funny to someone that didn't know Trevor and how good of a guy he was.

2. Troy Clark is indeed a moron and will definitaly pay one day.

3. This is a message, idiot, you do not make jokes about someone like Trevor and his death, i know you were making fun of Troy and how much of an idiot he is but, you need to learn how to get your point across clearly and effectively.

4. Troy Clark should not have owned a gun that is one thing you are right about he is already on felony probation and this is the second death that he has caused. Not only does he mistake humans for coyotes but he also kills drinking and driving. I guess if you were any kind of reporter and did your research right you would have already known this information, wouldn't you?!!!

Get a clue and learn how to write SATIRE remarks without offending anyone you retard!!!!!!
1. Yes, satire can sting. Get over it.

2. Agreed.

3. No way to do it without referencing the story.

4. Nope, Subcomandante Bob is not a reporter. In fact, he doesn't exist, except in the sense that Ronald McDonald exists. He's a face for the blog.

5. Satire will offend some people. Talk to your therapist.
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