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Local Man Leads Fight Against Gas Station Smoking Ban

Advocate against gas station smoking banLeft: Gasoline and smokes? No problem!

(Toledo, OH) After noticing a sign prohibiting smoking at his local gas station, Terrance Macklin decided he was fed up.

"Where will this repressive, nanny-government silliness end?" he asked, pausing to take a drag off his Marlboro Red. "The free market should decide this issue - people will spend their money in smoke-free environments if they choose to, and if enough people do so, more gas stations will become smoke-free."

Macklin believes that the prohibition on smoking at gas stations has a "highly dubious" legal standing.

"Buying cigarettes at gas stations is legal, so smoking them at gas stations should be legal," he said as he exhaled. "Am I right, or am I right?"

Macklin believes that, ultimately, smoking in gas stations is a civil liberties issue.

"Smoking, due to the sheer amount of lobbying against it, is counter-societal," he said, snuffing a lit cigarette into a pool of spilled gasoline. "When you're young, is there anything cooler than saying, "Fuck the man!" by slowly killing yourself? It's even more so when you are doing it near flammable liquids."

I have seen assholes like that.
I've seen assholes like that...
Walked up to them....
And asked if they have a Death Threat?

It is then they realize they were standing within their own stupidity.
dude had nice chops.
This guy is crying out for a Darwin Award or at least a nomination for a Darwin Award. Please tell me he won't be allowed to breed.
Uh, satire. Don't be gay.
you guys are retarded. A lit cigarette simply doesn't have the required heat to ignite gasoline. The guy snuffed his cigarette in spilled gas because he understands this. He could've dropped it into a bucket of gas, and it would just go out. I agree wholeheartedly with him.
Drop it into a POOL of gasoline and it won't ignite. True. However, have you ever heard of something known as fumes? Gasoline fumes aren't merely flamable, they are EXPLOSIVE. You know that smell when you pull the nozzle out of the car......you guessed it, gasoline fumes....
Drop it into a POOL of gasoline and it won't ignite. True. However, have you ever heard of something known as fumes? Gasoline fumes aren't merely flamable, they are EXPLOSIVE. You know that smell when you pull the nozzle out of the car......you guessed it, gasoline fumes....
I was going to say "I hope he dies in a fire" ...
Anyone car to set the clown on FIRE with his own cancer sticks. OH wait, He has cancer! What a LOOSER
obviously a rouse. guy's clearly a hipster
I only have two words "Natural Selection".
I live just outside of Toledo...sad to see how stupid some people can be. He isn\'t just the regular kind of idiot, he\'s a complete f--king moron. The gas station didn\'t decide to put that no smoking sign there, I\'m sure the fire marshall had something to do with it. It\'s called common sense idiot, burning tobacco + gas fumes = explosion.

I\'m sure everyone has heard the \"its not the gas that ignities, its the fumes\" bit... what a tool!
Maybe some of us don't want to be forced to breathe in second-hand smoke. What about MY rights there?

I've worked in a gas station before, too. I've had people blow cigar smoke in my face (the absolute worst).
I lit cigarette doesn't ignite gasoline. But when you first light a cigarette with a lighter or a match will ignite gas. Plus there is that bit of flame some cigarettes get when you first light them that says for a few seconds that could ignite gas.
I've been trying to light fires with cigarettes for years, what's the trick? I even tried a controlled environment where I upped the air/fuel ratio, and nothing! Help me out here...
you wouldn't be able to start a fire with a lit cigarette. it doesn't burn hot enough. not smoking at gas stations is only around because people would light cigarettes as well as smoke them. that is the point where they would get the darwin award.
If I saw someone smoking at a gas station while filling up their car, I walk over ask them nicely to put it out. If I met any resitance, I'd have to pummel him.

No only does he endager my life but everyone else at the station and IMO there can be no debate.
im from michigan and all i have to say is the only place able to breed people that dumb with the exception of florida is ohio. ohio can go sink into the ocean now or something.
The cigarette won't ignite the gasoline, the hot box doesn't burn hot enough. However, the real scare is the guy will strike a match or finger his lighter and that WILL cause an explosion.
If I have to breathe his smoke, maybe he should let me urinate on him; after all, it's my freedom and civil liberty to do so and I don't want a "nanny" government to regulate me from doing so.
I mean really. come the fuck on. hes just retarded. it's not the liquid gas that's a problem. it's the fumes from pumping it. What an asshole.

humor people humor...
subcommander bob & his sarcastic witt.. :)
here's your sign...
As a smoker who works at a gas station that sells cigarettes, I have to comment.

As many people have said, it's the fumes that are explosive (at several feet). And a cigarette *is* hot enough to ignite the fumes. Not just the lighter or match.
Having said that, it's a low probability. I've been working at this station for over 3 years and have seen many people light up, and I panic everytime. It only takes one roll of the dice to make me very dead. I'd like to avoid that. It's like wearing a seat belt. Odds are you won't need it, but if the odds aren't in your favor, you're gonna be glad you wore it.

Actually, the highest probability of igniting the fumes comes from static electricty. When smoking or talking on a cell phone, people tend to wander about and build up a charge. Then they grab the handle and zap, ka-boom.

Play it safe folks. Better to be right and breathing, then wrong and dead. I like brathing.

(on another note, if you don't like second-hand smoke, don't breathe my air. It is my air, and I can prove it. It has smoke in it, from my lungs.)

and yes, he is a loser.
Why would anyone go to a GAS station and think "You know it might be a good idea to light a cigerette". Your not only endangering yourself and others via second hand smoke, but also the chance of a GAS explosion. Maybe it is just me.
You can buy condoms at a gas station too. Should you be able to fuck right on the spot?
Idiotic comments going on and anon, and anon and...

Macklin is, or will soon be a flaming idiot.

Nuff said.
I work at a gas station, and my manager called me this morning to tell me to stop shutting people's pumps off when they leave their engine running, talk on their cell phones, and even fucking smoke. I'm hoping that "State Law" sticker on the pump means something, as I contacted the Department of Transportation over it. I don't want people picking pieces of me up off the street.
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