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Local Man Vows to "Take Out" Red-Light Cameras

red light camera sniperLeft: Phillippart readies his .50 caliber machine gun for "camera skeet"

(Toledo, OH) Fed up with what he terms "rights infringement," Toledoan Jerzy Phillippart vowed to wreak havoc on the city of Toledo's controversial red-light camera systems.

"I am taking a stand for motorists all across the area," he said, loading armor-piercing shells into his M2 machine gun. "'The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants,' or in this case - red-light cameras."

Toledo's unique enforcement program, which was enacted in 1999, photographs vehicles of red-light and speed scofflaws at 17 intersections throughout the city. Phillippart said that the statutory rights of motorists are being violated when tickets are issued to drivers.

red light camera

"The photos taken by these cameras do not identify the driver of the offending vehicle," he said, lining up a camera in his scope. "Besides, they totally piss me off, and I intend to reduce each and every light to minute metallic shards."

Phillippart said that he is not worried about the possibility of being caught.

"There ain't a single motorist who would turn me in if they saw anything," he chuckled, after firing a burst of ammunition and destroying a camera. "Plus, since I have a stationary target, I can be finished in 20 seconds. I figure they'll replace these things one time before they give in. More important - just how many government surveillance cameras do we want out in the world?"

Good for you I wish I could help you out. About time someone get rid of some the cameras.
Only the speeders and red-light runners don't like the cameras. I wish they were on every major intersection. I was almost hit by a red light runner on Philips and Detroit.
I've done a lot of research and these cameras violate the Ohio Revised Code in many ways. However, I live outside of the City of Cleveland and have no power to vote within the city limits. It's not the fact that the law was broken, but that cities in Ohio are violating the law.

I have decided to cast my vote with the one thing I do have: my dollar. I refuse to spend any money within the Cleveland City Limits until they remove the cameras.

Will it hurt the local economy? Sure, but hey, this is Captalism and I have the right to use, or not use my dollar where-ever I choose.

PS Just yesterday some people in Athens Greece doused two red light cameras in gasoline and set them on fire... I think this is a pretty tame response.
get a life
Get a life
Jerzey, you don't need 50 cal. ammo for the cameras.

Hell, just plink at them with a mini-14.

223 FMJ rounds are dirt cheap and more than up to the task.
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